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New American Paintings

Juxtapoz Magazine

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Artillery Magazine

Art in America

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"Shiri Mordechay gives us a topsy-turvy world of mundane and mad images in sprawling paintings that curl onto the floor, snake around corners, and spill into space. We see nipple rings on giant breasts, bloody roadkill, spider webs, and Gothic mansions. It’s Charles Adams meets Edgar Allen Poe meets Animal Planet. Mordechay never allows us to look at any one thing; chaos and tumult reign. One thing leads to the next in this perpetual image-imagination flow. It makes stream of consciousness into a torrent of unconsciousness."

                                                           - Jerry Saltz

                                            (New York Magazine)

China Press - Portal: Governers Island Art Fair

China Press article

{on Portal: Governers Island Art Fair}

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